Diversity is the outcome and should not be where you start. Equity and Inclusion must come first before you can bring in people from diverse backgrounds. Brandon has helped companies, organizations, and institutions create policies and practices that create equity, foster inclusion, and result in diversity. He can help you through providing education and training and consulting on how to make your space a place for all people. 

Unapologetic Equity:

means that any space is a place and space for you to be your full authentic self and that includes your workplace, your school, your community, the entire world!

Brandon works on a sliding scale to support you and your company/organization in implement equity, inclusion, and diversity. Schedule a FREE 30 minute consultation to discuss pricing and needs.

Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Moving from an Ally to an Accomplice
  • Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity 101
  • LGBTQ+ Ally/Accomplice Training
  • Racial Equity Training
  • Anti-Racism Education and Training


Over the last few years, Brandon Mack has presented three antiracism workshops for the Dominican Sisters of Houston. He is very knowledgeable whether explaining why Black Lives Matter, making the case for reparations, or giving the racist history of the death penalty. He connects and engages well with his audience, which has led to meaningful discussions. His presentations are professional, clear, and supported by ample facts. Our community looks forward to his next engagement with us in November 2023.

Celi roeger

 Promoter of Justice, Peace, and Integrity of Creation, Dominican Sisters of Houston

"[Brandon]... connects and engages well with his audience..."


Equity, Inclusion, Diversity

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